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We enjoyed our stay at 10 Pines cottage very much

We enjoyed our stay at 10 Pines cottage very much. Read moreAnonymous, (new field) ~ to be edited

You can't ask for a better location

I would rent from Vacations By The Sea again and would stay at the Ten Pines Cottage. Read moreAnonymous, (new field) ~ to be edited

Spectacular property

This is a spectacular property for a family of all age groups to stay. Views of Ocean were spectacular and at night I have not seen so many stars in 20 years. Large kitchen and dining area was wonderful for family to eat all together Read moremichael, (new field) ~ to be edited

This house was a perfect

This house was a perfect end to a long summer. The owner uses Vacation by the Sea to set up all the logistics and are you speak to with any questions. The whole process was easy. Read moreHeather, (new field) ~ to be edited

Really nice view

This was a nice house in a good location. Plenty of room for the family. Beautiful view from the back deck. Read moreStephen, (new field) ~ to be edited

Very nice house. Beautiful views.

Very nice house. Beautiful views. Would have liked being able to able to walk to beach with children. Nice break from hot weather in Seattle area. Read moreGea, (new field) ~ to be edited

Wonderful Place

There were lots of dishes and cooking supplies, plenty of blankets, and everything was as clean as can be expected. Highly recommend for a family gathering, or group of friends. Beautiful views, Read moreCristine R., (new field) ~ to be edited

Nice home for multiple family gathering.

Easy communication for booking and questions. Quick response for additional inquiries about the home. Read moreSusan, (new field) ~ to be edited


This is our second year staying at this property and its perfect for our family and look forward to many more years to come! Read moreJolene, (new field) ~ to be edited

Great location!

Great location! Read moreKelley, (new field) ~ to be edited

Great location, outdated amenities

This is a great location.. It is decent. My husband and my three kids and I had a great time. Read moreSabrina, (new field) ~ to be edited

Clean - Lovely view

Clean - Lovely view Read moreRobin R., (new field) ~ to be edited


Easy to rent. Easy to stay. Quiet and just what we were looking for. The fairest thing I can say was that I wasn’t overwhelmed nor was I was just right and was the right fit for what we were looking for and needed. Read moreRuben, (new field) ~ to be edited

Good company and great location

Loved the location of the property, and that there was enough space for everyone. Beautiful home. Read moreAliyah, (new field) ~ to be edited

Great quiet get away

Roxanne, (new field) ~ to be edited

Spacious house in Pacific Beach

This spacious property is in a great location near the beach, with amazing views from the balcony. There is grocery store next door that you can find anything you want there. Totally recommended. Read moreKaren, (new field) ~ to be edited


It's a nice property with a breathtaking ocean view and a close walk to the beach Read morePiotr, (new field) ~ to be edited

Very relaxing.

Will definitely stay here again. Read moreMark, (new field) ~ to be edited

Lovely view, very comfortable

Lovely view, very comfortable beds, everything was clean. Kitchen well stocked with dishes (just couldn’t find a corkscrew.) Communication with rental team was easy, courteous and always prompt. Read moreMary, (new field) ~ to be edited

Was great for what we needed.

Great for what we needed Read moreEric, (new field) ~ to be edited

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